September Handstand Push-up Challenge

750 Handstand Push-Ups in September! Are you in?

As if this year hasn’t been challenging enough, we’re challenging you to do 750 Handstand Push-ups in September - or scaled, 750 Box HSPUs or Pike Push-Ups.

That’s right, 7 5 0.  But... if you break it down, it's simply 25 per day. Simples. Or 50 every other day. It's up to you how you do them, but 750 is the goal.

So why, you ask? Well, why not. When life gets harder, challenge yourself to be stronger. Think about how you feel on day 1 and remember it on day 30. That’s why. Oh, we’re also sweetening the deal with your chance to win some cool Metalize swag (Metalize T-Shirt, Metalize Hat). BUT you must record your progress, the honour system is in effect. Not to worry, we’ve made it easy with this easy template below. Each time you complete 25, stamp it and share it on instagram.  EASY. Remember, the challenge starts on 1 September. Ask Coach Darren for all the details.

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